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The capital of Thailand will not disappoint and is ready for any kind of activity. There are floating markets full of local cuisine, temples to explore, night markets when the day is too hot, and rooftop bars to...
The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and like many capital cities you will notice distinct architecture, towering skyscrapers, and friendly locals. Explore the nightlife and local restaurants but when you are ready to leave the city for an outdoor exhibition don’t forget to visit the Batu Caves. 400 million-year-old hills made of limestone with...
If you can, visit Penang during the month of April during the last lunar New Year celebration for the Hindu god Hanuman. The event is extremely loud and the party goes on all night. Locals parade the shrine of Hanuman around with priests who place flower wreaths on the shrine while smashing coconuts on the ground everywhere....
Malaka (or also spelled Malacca) is a beautiful town in Malaysia and is one of the two old Dutch harbors in Malaysia from 1641-1825. It is rich with history and amazing architecture influenced by the Dutch during their occupation.
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Breathtaking Architecture Sunrise
Breathtaking architecture in the southernmost coastal region of Croatia, is the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. In recent years, it has become a famous place, for the filming of Game of Thrones. But this city is rich with history and beauty! The breathtaking architecture in this ancient city...
If you are planning a trip along the coast of Croatia, consider also making time for a drive into Bosnia for a day to visit Mostar. It is a beautiful and interesting town that sits in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and split by the Neretva River. 





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